Friday, April 11, 2008

Light's Vision

This is the view of Adelaide from Montefiore Hill; not quite the view that Light had - many things have changed since his initial plan was drawn up!
The lighting towers you see in the foreground are located at Adelaide Oval. In 1997 retractable towers were built so as not to spoil the view. Unfortunately one of the towers collapsed, so in 2000 they were replaced with permanent towers.


Andrea said...

Beautiful view. How did the tower collapse?

Gordon said...

Andrea - two men were working on a cherry picker doing some adjustments and the tower retracted into the ground knocking them from the picker. Their safety harnesses saved them; but they did sustain injuries.

I have been unable to find the reason for the collapse, other than it was either a design or construction fault. Both parties were blaming each other.

In the end it was decided to abandon the initial project and replace the towers with newly designed fixed towers.