Saturday, April 5, 2008

Popeye on the Torrens

Whether you would like a sightseeing tour on the Torrens, or would like a ride the Adelaide Zoo, Popeye fits the bill. The Popeye fleet has been servicing Adelaide since 1935. The current three fibreglass boats were launched in 1982; replacements for the wooden boats that had served so well over the years.

This photo shows a Popeye cruising downstream from the Zoo back to its terminal at Elder Park.

It is about to pass under the University Footbridge. This bridge was built in 1937 to link the Adelaide University campus with its sportsfields and student accommodation across the river in North Adelaide.


Donna said...

You have SO many pretty things to do there!! Have a wonderful day!!hughugs

Destitute Rebel said...

What a lovely place to be photographing, beautifully shot.

Sally said...

Really like that view of the pretty Torrens.

lyn said...

brings back many many lovely childhood memories