Saturday, April 12, 2008

Model railway display

The Kangaroo and Cockatoo Railway layout was one of about ten on display at a local multi gauge model railway show this weekend. It is a G gauge layout, which has a 1:22.5 scale.

This particular layout featured lots of very detailed objects; birds, animals and people - very Australian and a credit to its creator; most objects were hand made. Here's a close up of two bush walkers soaking their tired feet in a pool.

We took our granddaughters along and they were enthralled by the whole event; but the Kangaroo and Cockatoo Railway kept them occupied for quite a while trying to find about 20 objects on a list that they were given. At one display they were able to control a train and at another, select which of about a dozen trains they wanted to see running.

Now I think the pressure might be on their father to resurrect his layout; in storage in my shed!


Donna said...

Oh My...My Father would have Loved this! hughugs

alicesg said...

Wow, this is interesting. My sons would love the train sets.