Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sturt Creek Graffiti Art

I regularly ride along the bike path adjacent to Sturt Creek. There are two sections where there is a significant amount of graffiti art. Some of this has been there for quite a few years, but every so often a new one appears.

This one really caught my eye!


Donna said...

How "Probing"!!lol....Have a Fun day!!hughugs

Alexander said...

Wow! this is really something for a graffiti. Beautiful.

Hi, I happened to see your blog via Alicesg blog. I hope you didn't mind that I commented on your blog. You have really an interesting blog.

Have a nice weekend.

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Sally said...

Love the purple and green tones together.
Thanks for visiting on my Blogbirth-day!
Sydney Daily Photo

alicesg said...

The graffiti arts were beautiful. Am glad the artists have a place to do their arts. :)

Texas Travelers said...

Great photo capture

sqrt (Brian) said...

Long Live Hulk!! I am jealous of your regular bike path!!