Sunday, April 6, 2008

Popeye at Elder Park

This is Popeye's departure wharf at Elder Park. Upstream you can see the Adelaide Bridge; the main connector between the centre of the City and North Adelaide. The owners of Popeye also own a fleet of pedal boats, some of which you can see near the fountain.

A ride on Popeye or in the paddle boats; a must for tourists and residents alike!


alicesg said...

Looked like a fun place to visit.

Donna said...

Have you rented one of those pedal boats? Looks like fun!! hughugs

Jilly said...

Just love that second photograph. It all looks like such fun.

You were right about the B and W photo on Menton! Well spotted. I left a comment on Menton but essentially, yes, the background was overexposed and I thought perhaps no one would notice! Well done.