Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cruise ships

On Saturday two cruise ships berthed at Port Adelaide for the day, so we decided to cycle about 30 kilometres from home and along the coast to see them. Visits of cruise ships is not an everyday occurrence in Adelaide, so there are always lots of people paying them a visit and looking for a vantage point to see them depart.

I have never watched such a large ship as this leaving its mooring; marvellous to watch it move sideways from the wharf and then forward into the channel. The ships I have watched in the past have needed assistance from a tug. This gigantic cruise ship could manoeuvre unaided.

This is the Diamond Princess, a very large cruise ship; a floating hotel. Launched in 2004, she is 286.86 metres long and carries 2674 passengers.


Donna said...

I think I see myself...top deck!!Hahaa...I Wish!!hughugs

Tash said...

What struck me 1st was the amazingly beautiful color of the ocean. And then the enormity of the cruise ships. Lovely photos.

Hilda said...

Such awesome ships and beautiful photos! Boy, I'd love to be able to take a cruise someday!

Ai Shiang said...

I like the last picture. Did you sail out to take this picture? Diamond Princess docked in Sydney as well, past weeks.

Gordon said...

Ai - No unfortunately I did not have the time to sail out that day. Outer Harbour is a good three to four hour sail from my mooring; and on that day it would have been a slog back into the afternoon sea breeze.

I took the photo from the breakwater.