Friday, March 6, 2009

Minis and Mokes

Yet another club activity at Glenelg last Sunday; the annual "Mini Meet" was held at Wigley Reserve by the Mini Club of SA.

Although I did not own one, I well remember these vehicles in their heyday; not only as a popular passenger vehicle but also the sportier Cooper and Cooper S versions that were used for rallying.

Based on the Mini the Moke was a popular recreational utility vehicle. Between 1966 and 1981 Mokes were built in Australia; 26,000 of them. Many were exported.

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Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

One of my uncles has an enlongated Mini. It didn't have the usual door opening mechanism for the doors. It had a string and you have to pull the string to open the door.

My kids always say ,"Mr. Bean" when they see a mini.

As for the Mini the Moke, once we went for a conference in the beach. A friend drove one there.

I fell in love with it, and pretended to drive one and asked my friend to take a photo of me in it. Instead of me and the whole Moke, it showed me at the steering wheel. I wasn't happy with the guy taking the photo. I couldn't repeat it as my other friend borrowed it from some one else.