Friday, March 20, 2009

Mascot race

This morning local Adelaide radio station Triple M ran a Mascots' Race. Held at St. Raphael's Primary School, it was part of one of the station's breakfast program's regular segments "Back to School Friday."

The breakfast show hosts Kim, Ali and Dzelde ran their show on site at the school. Click here to see a slide show of the mascots on Triple M's web site.


sixstars said...

That's hilarious. I dont know what teams they represent but i'd like to know who won.

Ann said...

was there a prize or just the laughs that the spectators gave was eough?

BeachILike said...

It is look fun, make me laugh too. Again, I heard from someone that from Mar 19 - 22, there is Clipsal Car race, and my first thinking is to see photo in your blog but here come my surprise of Mascot race which make me smile. good work!

fm ; Bangkok people follower

Gordon said...

Sixstars - the place-getters were Man From Atlantis, Port "Thunder" Adelaide and Pura Milk Murray Magpie.

Ann - no prizes; just lots of fun and entertainment (and advertising!)

Beachlike - you are right; the Clipsal 500 is on, but we have chosen not to go this year. There are posts on my blog from last year (Feb 25 and 26)