Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vintage bikes at the Bay

Last Sunday the Vintage Motor Cycle Club of SA had a display of about 30 motocycles in Moseley Square at Glenelg.

To think that these bikes are over 60 years old and look every bit as good as when they were manufactured; a credit to their dedicated owners.


Jacob said...

Looks like a fun club to be part of...I had an old Honda once, but probably not old enough to fit in with this group.

Ann said...

My Dad had a British BSA fifty years ago, but he didn't like it. He used to say he ruined so many pairs of shoes that he got rid of it and bought an Old Fiat.

When I first went to school, he took me to school. At that time, we didn't wear helmets.

Babooshka said...

Coming from Birmingham UK I know all about BSA bikes. This could be here in the TT, well with better weather.