Saturday, May 16, 2009

Glenelg beachfont

A few years ago there was major redevelopment of the foreshore at Glenelg, including these new facilities - a new building for the Glenelg Life Saving Club and an entertainment complex' The BeachHouse.


alicesg said...

Very interesting and I guess they charge a fee for using them. I think I would like the ferris wheel.

Babooshka said...

Good to see a development not shelved halfway through.

ArneA said...

May 17. is a very important day for us, and this year everything have been excellent so far,

zbtjkarapilot said...

Can't imagine what it looks like now. It's been over 20 years.

RuneE said...

That is something we don't have - but the kids would love it!

PS Thank you very much you for the greetings!!

Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

We have hydro slides at a hot pool. Went a few years ago with my daughter. I wonder what I was doing inside the tube. Never again, after a young man knocked me at the back.

You didn't say if you went on the slide?