Friday, May 22, 2009

My retirement home!

I hope it doesn't really come to this with the recession!

Not quite 5 star accomodation, but comfortable enough for a couple of days. This was our accomodation at McLaren Vale a few weekends ago. The tent is erected on an ensuite powered site, meaning we had our own shower and toilet and the convenience of electricity for lighting, heating and charging the netbook computer!


Donna said...

Not too shabby!Haha..Looks like fun! Happy weekend!!hughugs

alicesg said...

Oooo, I like that too.

I like something small, quiet and comfortable for my retirement home too. :)

Ann said...

That shower and toilet is pretty good. I have slept in worst places. When my husband was doing post grad studies, once we even slept in the car, and that was no fun. He joked, we were being romantic.

eag said...

Hope you enjoyed the Vale, looking good in Autumn hey?
Think of the poor souls who sleep in their cars every night!