Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day

Today was Mothers' Day and what better way to show your love for your mother than to give a bunch of flowers. On this day there are many roadside stalls like this where enterprising private gardeners sell to the public.


Donna said...

These are So pretty! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!hughugs

alicesg said...

I wondered why mother's day is more commercialised than father's day. I am so close to my mom and I still miss her after all these 14 years when she decided to take the early bus to join my late grandparents.

Ann said...

I like those little wagons. May be I should let my 12 year old read your blog and give him some idea to earn some pocket money.


Ann :)

p/s those white flowers, what are they?

Kate said...

Hi Gordon, the flower stalls are such a part of Mothers' Day in Adelaide, aren't they. I have just found your blog.... I have one about growing vegetables in Adelaide. I forgot to take my camera on Sunday and was hoping to find a couple of photos to use in the piece I am writing. Would you mind if I used your's? Please also feel free to use any photos from my blog because we feel so happy if someone likes them enough to use them.

Gordon said...

Ann - the white flowers are crysanthenums

Kate - you are welcome to use the photos