Sunday, May 31, 2009

The hills are alive

Remember the Sound of Music and the glorious scenes of the Alps. We were surely reminded of this today at a concert of The Henley and Grange Concert Band.

Guest artists this afternoon were Adelaide Alphorns' Martina and Wendy. These local ladies went all the way to Switzerland to learn to play these wonderful instruments. We were all enthralled by their delightful performance.


Donna said...

I love the sound of those things!hughugs

Hyde DP said...

you'd need a big case to cart these around in.

alicesg said...

Very interesting piece of culture. I have to enlarge the photo cause I thought I saw some cows lying on the stage and yes it is indeed. The little cows there are so cute.

Gordon said...

Gerald - the horns come apart; 3 pieces; still quite large but manageable. The ladies carry them in some kind of backpack.

Alice - the cows were cute and they even moo-ed.