Sunday, May 17, 2009

New cycle path

Today I went cycling in the rain! We don't really complain about wet weather because we have had drought conditions for several years.

Our leader took us up the Veloway (along side our Southern Expressway) to Reynella and then back to the coast at Hallett Cove via this new off road cycle path. We then headed back to the Kingston Park for lunch. Most of the ride (about 30 kms) was in fact on purpose built cycle paths; so great not to be riding on public roads.


Jacob said...

What a wonderful path. And it's long! We have one here as part of the Florida Greenway, but it's a six-mile loop only.

I went riding in the rain this morning - because Lois Anne went running 4 plus miles in the rain and I always ride along with her.

Wasn't raining hard, though, and boy, like you, do we need the rain!

BeachILike said...

Currently in Thailand, we got too much rain. It is such tropical like Darwin I think, it woould be good for farmer or agriculture area but not for Bangkok the crowded city though!

Never complain anyway :)

alicesg said...

It is very lovely to be able to cycle in peace. We now have connectors around Singapore Island where cyclists can cycle around the Island without the danger of the main road.